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Staff of Capitol Guardianship Services

Co-Director (Leesa Camerota) - Oversees all aspects of the operation of the agency.  Provides feedback and decision making on complex matters.  Prepares documents for court reports.  Participates in local and statewide meetings, and gives presentations at industry trainings to stay aware of changes in the practice of fiduciary services.

 Co-Director (Janet Franklin) - Reviews court reports, financial reports and care management notes for all clients.  Meets with clients, family and other professionals as necessary to coordinate services to meet client needs.  Reviews and signs all checks issued from client accounts.  Attends court hearings and handles legal issues pertaining to clients affairs.  Coordinates medical and care services for all clients.  Assigns staff, coordinates schedules, directs actions and reviews reporting to ensure the day to day needs of each client are met.  Reviews medical records and confers with health care professionals.  Handles emergency medical matters, complex care decisions and in home staffing arrangements.  Communicates with family members on the status and changes in the health and wellness of their relative.  Prepares care plans, annual reports, POLST forms and medical consent documents.
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Accounts Manager (Amiee Schmidtke) - Handles all computer transactions related to collection of income and payment of bills for all clients.  Tracks all transactions and valuation adjustments on investment accounts and other assets.  Monitors spending and balances of outside entities holding client funds.  Produces quarterly or annual accounting reports.  Coordinates preparation of annual tax returns as necessary.  Provides documentation as necessary for annual audit.

Care Manager (Chrissy Pidone) - Provides clients with on-site visits.  Provides or secures the goods or services clients requests for personal satisfaction.  Arranges, attends or transports clients to medical appointments.  Reviews care facility and medical facility charts.  Coordinate relocation of clients when necessary.  Researches residential options, medical or care professionals, social services, recreational opportunities, and personal needs resources.  Prepares visit notes and provides information to senior staff on changes or concerns in the health and welfare of the clients.

Tom O'Brien & Edward Gardner are principals of Guardianship Services of Seattle. Ed and Tom consult regularly with staff of Capitol Guardianship Services.

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